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Who We Are

The face of Sweet Tooth started with me, Karen.


Who am I? I am simply a wife, mom, grandma and believer in Christ. I have always felt that my greatest calling was to be a mom. I've always loved the feeling of satisfaction that cooking and baking something special for my family brings. For instance, making my homemade dressing or chocolate pies at the holidays that my kids looked forward all year long to eat!  


It was several years ago I made cupcakes for one of my granddaughters birthdays. My daughter posted a picture of them online....well....I guess you could say the rest is history!


I began getting requests to make cupcakes and cakes and so the journey began. After a couple of years of learning from the ground up and building a cliental I was faced with a decision. I was running out of hours in a week! I was working full-time and baking and decorating about the same. So, I began to pray about what direction to go in. 


With the help and support of my sweet husband and children and my sister-in-law, my husband and I together joined hands and took a huge leap of faith and began the journey of starting Sweet Tooth. Boy, I didn't have a clue what was in store for my future! 


Sweet Tooth started out very small and quickly I needed more space. Then I was asked about opening a small space in our local hospital. As we took on each new challenge and blessing, my daughter Katie decided to come on board with me. So we are truly a woman owned family business!

Katie is a mother of four-twin boys and two girls. She's my right hand and helps me in all decisions. She will one day be the owner of Sweet Tooth. Katie left her dental career to join me at Sweet Tooth and does most of our detailed custom work. 

Our community has opened it's arms to us and carried us to where we are today. 


All the homemade food and feelings that are associated with my family, we extend to you and your family.


It is our privilege to bring you honest, good, made with love and pride, foods that you can dress your own table with and make memories with your family. 

Karen Dawkins

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